League Guidelines

a.  Summer Scoring - 15+ if agreed upon by both clubs

b.  Winter Scoring - 13-14 year olds scoring has to be agreed upon by both clubs

c.  Conference entries must have a seed time

d.  Turn in entries for league meets on time.  If a swimmer qualifies in an A event, he or she must swim at the A meet. 

e.  Age up date for winter B meet is set for the first day of the A meets          

f.  League dues - includes all swimmers on your roster.  Checks payable to West Michigan Swim League. 

g.  Follow NHSF 2016-2017 Swim/Dive Rule Book

h.  Any extra WMSL medals/ribbons should be returned to the league

i.   Practice whistle commands for approved meets

j.   Be aware of scheduling meets that have a potential to conflict with WMSL championship meets